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Reinforcements are extremely important component of any leather goods whether wallet , handbags , belts or portfolio .The importance of reinforcement is crucial for a life cycle of a leather goods and we understand this very well .We bring to customers a complete range of leather goods reinforcements which could be categorised in following categories :

Leather board
Leather Boards (also known as SALPA & Bonded Leather ). By finely milling vegetable leather scraps as well as chrome shavings , adding natural fat and latex as a binder ,adding water, the mixture is pumped through a long screen machine - a production process very similar to the production of paper. By subsequently drying, calandering and finishing our material, leather board is formed - a continuous product, which is available in a number of qualities and thicknesses. Leather boards have the following properties as a reinforcement :

  • Soft & Supple with a very good flexibility & memory .
  • Leather like structure give the products a natural feel & not papery feel
  • Very good strength and very good stich compatibility
  • Easy to use : It is easy to skive or stich or finish the leather boards

Premium Leather boards from Germany : LEDERTT
With more than 65 years of experience Lederett is one of the leading producers of bonded leather / leather board in Germany. They have different product lines ... (Read More)

Economical Leather boards : LIBO (Read More)

Cellulose Board
Cellulose Board has generally good shoemaking and wear properties and can be used either as a stiff insole or inserted between the outsole and insole at the waist to “reinforce” the insole where additional rigidity is required.

We have two brands of cellulose boards :

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We have two brands of soft reinforcements :