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Texon designs, manufactures and distribute high quality, high performance materials including non-woven and saturated felts, extruded filmic materials and wet web saturated cellulose board. Our products are used in footwear, fashion accessories, clothing, flooring, filtration and luggage to name but a few.

Texon is used by the best global companies including Nike, New Balance, Virgin Trains, Alstom, Oakley, Zara and Walmart.

Texon cellulose products and non-woven thermoplastic stiffening materials are latex impregnated.

They can be coated, laminated, coloured or adhesive coated with release paper and combined with linings, or leather, to enable the finished product to look good and have great shape. The materials are used as separations, reinforcement and support in various leather goods and similar items. They do not grow, shrink, or delaminate and are lightweight compared to paperboard.

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